Attorneys Helping With Post-Decree Modifications In Fayetteville

Something that is important to remember that despite what people say about your divorce order being "final," it is likely anything but that. When circumstances change, it may be possible to modify the terms of your child custody arrangement or child and spousal support obligations.

Receiving a modification is almost never a sure thing, though, making experienced legal advice necessary. Our lawyers at Miller & Illikainen in Fayetteville, North Carolina, can answer all of your questions about post-decree modifications of custody and support. Contact us at 910-401-2280 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney.

What Does It Take To Get A Modification

In North Carolina, you must be able to prove that there has been a substantial change of circumstances to warrant a modification. Many people seek modifications of child support, spousal support and child custody orders because of situations like:

  • Receiving a substantial raise or being the victim of a job loss
  • Suffering from an illness or any type of medical emergency
  • Changing jobs and being able to spend more time with the children
  • Children's financial or emotional needs changing
  • Change in a child's home life because of a parent's abuse of drugs or alcohol or a parent is living with an abusive partner
  • One parent wanting to move out of state and take the children with him or her

We can help you collect and present the strong evidence you will need to prove why you deserve a modification or your ex-spouse does not deserve one. Additionally, we are experienced with mediation and other types of collaborative law. We can work to help you and your ex-spouse reach an amicable agreement that protects everyone's interests including, most importantly, your children's.

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