Child Custody Attorneys in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Whether or not they occur within the context of divorce, child custody matters are usually emotionally charged. Our attorneys are committed to helping individuals deal with their child custody issues. We rely on years of experience to resolve your child custody case as efficiently and effectively as possible.

At Miller Law Firm, we are experienced lawyers who understand the importance of family. We keep your best interests -- and the best interests of your children -- in mind throughout the entirety of the case. To ensure that you fully understand the situation, we take the time to explain the various aspects of child custody cases and how they can affect support determinations, including:

  • Legal custody
  • Physical custody
  • Joint custody
  • Visitation rights

Military Child Custody Issues

For military families, child custody matters can be even more complicated. Relocation issues often arise, as parents may be transferred to a different state or even deployed overseas. We work hard to assess the situation, develop a full understanding of our clients' goals and help them understand any laws that may apply to their cases such as the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA).

Our firm also handles relocation issues for clients who are not members of the military but are either contemplating relocation or are attempting to stop the relocation of their child with the other parent.

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