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Serving Fayetteville, North Carolina

Sherry E. Miller

Attorney at Law

Sherry Miller has been recognized by the Legal Aid of North Carolina for her pro-bono service throughout the state.

While studying journalism in her undergraduate program, Sherry discovered her passion for constitutional law and decided to pursue a legal career.

Christine Walton-Ducheneaux


Christine has worked for the firm of Miller Law Firm for over 12 years as a Family Law paralegal.  She works exclusively with Ms. Sherry Miller and her clients.

She views her role to be that of a guide for clients to help navigate the minefield that is Family Court with competence, compassion, and objectivity.

Contrary to popular belief,
going to court isn’t your only option.


Collaborative law is similar to mediation, except all of the parties are working together toward a resolution outside of court. Having an experienced collaborative law attorney is vital if you are seeking out-of-court options for your case.


Because mediation requires fewer legal fees, it may be ideal if you are going through a divorce or have other financial constraints. Mediation is also a good way to avoid the stress of litigation.


When a solution cannot be reached outside the courtroom, we are ready to represent you through litigation. The need to litigate arises from many factors such as hostile disputes and emotional situations.



We’ll guide you through
the legal process.

At Miller Law Firm, we proudly offer legal guidance to those who have served in our military. Because of this, we have extensive family law services, and our experience lends to the expert representation we offer.

When hiring a family attorney, it’s important to choose a representation with applicable experience. Our skilled attorneys have helped numerous clients tackle their family law issues. We know how to prepare for court and how to find resolutions outside of court through either mediation or collaborative law.

As a full-service law firm, we also practice criminal defense law. We believe everyone should have the best legal counsel, and our goal is always to deliver favorable outcomes to our clients.

Our practice doesn’t end with representation. We like to educate our clients on legal processes and what they can expect, especially in family court cases. We know the importance of understanding the law — we have spent our careers studying and practicing it — and we want our clients to be equipped to handle situations with awareness and understanding.

If you are in need of a family law attorney or criminal defense attorney, reach out to us today. Time is of the essence in matters of the law, and we want you to get the best legal counsel and representation possible.