How Is Child Support Determined?

Few issues are as painful for families as divorce. Although the parents are divorcing each other, children will have the same needs as before — and that is where child support obligations come in.

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Understanding Your Child Support Obligations

North Carolina's child support guidelines require courts to use a particular formula to calculate each parent's child support obligations. Monthly support payments are largely based on each parent's income and on the amount of time the children spend living with each parent. Other costs for your child are also factored in, like:

  • Health insurance and medical care
  • School tuition and costs
  • Special needs if the child has any

An essential part of obtaining a fair child support order is to make sure that each parent's income and any special circumstances are accurately reported to the court. Whether you expect to pay or receive child support, our attorneys will work with you to ensure that your order is fair.

When your income or other circumstances change, you may need to modify your child support amount. Our lawyers can help you determine whether to request a child support modification. We can also help you resolve the situation if you fall behind in your child support — or enforce your order if your kids' other parent falls behind.

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