Quagmire of the Courtroom docket

For attorneys and clients alike, expect to spend several hours sitting in court waiting for your case to be called for hearing. Court appearances can be a tedious process that can tax your nerves and even challenge the patience of Job (biblical reference). You may have to miss work, school, medical appointments and so on.  You are not allowed to have your phone on in the court room. If your phone rings during a hearing, it will be confiscated and possibly never returned depending on the judge. So what should you do in the court room if you can't quietly check social media on your phone? Bring a book, crossword puzzles, or anything that will occupy your mind.  I usually recommend my clients to listen and to observe the cases before them to hear the types of  questions that are asked, and how the judge behaves and so forth.  Word of caution, if you leave the court room for any reason like to use the restroom or to get a snack, make sure your attorney knows where to find you.  You don't want your case dismissed or continued because you weren't in the courtroom when your case was called.  Just remember going to court is not easy, but hopefully the resolution will be worth it. 

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