Qualities to look for in an attorney

Here I am sitting in court observing two of my colleagues arguing their custody case before the judge.  Attorney 1 pretty much insinuates Attorney 2 is ignorant of the facts, while Attorney 2 argues why her client is the right choice as the primary parent.  I contemplate to myself which of these lawyers would I hire if I went through a divorce.  Then I asked  myself, would I hire someone like me?  To answer my first question, I would pick Attorney 2 who argued why her client should win because she emphasized qualities that made her client a better custodial parent.  As for  Attorney 1, although there is absolutely nothing wrong about pointing out errors, I heard more about Attorney 2's ignorance than I did about Attorney 1's client.  Knowledge and experience are a must, but I believe it is also necessary for a lawyer to treat each other with courtesy and respect.  I believe lawyers should present themselves honorably and behave with dignity with their clients, court staff, judges and everyone else involved in the litigation process.  In a perfect world, offensive tactics should have no place in our legal system, but unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world.  So to answer my second question, yes I believe I would hire someone like me.

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