Administrative Separation Board Attorneys in Fayetteville, North Carolina

The easiest way to think about an administrative separation board hearing is that the military is attempting to fire you. The outcome of the discharge hearing can have a large effect on the rest of your life.

Military law entitles you to legal representation at your hearing.

Gregg Illikainen of Miller & Illikainen in Fayetteville, North Carolina, has worked as a military lawyer and prosecutor. Now he presents tough defenses for soldiers facing these hearings. His knowledge of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and military judicial procedures means you will have a strong advocate in your corner when future opportunities hang in the balance.

Guidance You Need When So Much Is At Stake

An administrative board hearing at Fort Bragg can take several days, during which your attorney will be able to cross-examine witnesses and present witnesses on your behalf. If it is not possible to prevent you from being discharged, you will likely receive one of the following types of discharges:

  • Honorable: This type of discharge shows that you faithfully fulfilled your duties to the military. Many soldiers who receive an involuntary discharge for medical reasons also receive honorable discharges.
  • General: This shows that you completed your duties, but did not live up to the standards the military expects. This type of discharge can lead to prejudice against you in civilian life.
  • Other than honorable: This is also given to soldiers discharged for reasons like misconduct. If you receive an other than honorable discharge, you will not be able to re-enlist and may not be able to serve in the National Guard or Reserves.

Mr. Illikainen will fight to get you the best result possible. If keeping you enlisted is not ideal, then he will present a strong case in an effort to earn you an honorable discharge, which will allow you to move to civilian life with confidence.

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