General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand

Today's military is shrinking in size, which means it is becoming harder and harder to get a promotion. An absolutely clean record will become even more of a necessity. One thing that could derail that is a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR).

Issued by any general officer, a GOMOR has come to be known as a "career killer." GOMORs are usually issued by general officers due to an act of misconduct that pertains to your character.

They can be placed in your Military Personnel Records Jacket, also known as your local file. Even worse, they can be placed in your official military files, which means a promotions board will be able to see it.

Fighting To Protect Your Military Career

You have options for contesting a GOMOR and prevent it from derailing your future in the military. At Miller & Illikainen in Fayetteville, Gregg Illikainen is an experienced military law attorney with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. As your lawyer, Mr. Illikainen can help you write your rebuttal, which military law entitles you to do. It will be necessary for the letter to have strong, supporting evidence of why the letter should only be placed in your local file or not issued at all.

A former commissioned officer, there are few attorneys in the area better suited to represent you than Mr. Illikainen. He is acutely aware of the effects of a GOMOR on your career, and he will work hard to put you in a position to continue advancing in your career.

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Do not wait to get help if you are facing a GOMOR. If you are stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina or anywhere in the country, schedule a consultation with Mr. Illikainen. You can reach us online.